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Dental Bonding vs Veneers: Which Is Right for You?

bonding vs veneers

About 51% of people say they hate the way their teeth look. Most people are self-conscious about color, crookedness, the size of their teeth, or gaps. If you’re unhappy with your smile, don’t hide it behind closed lips! Instead, talk to your Richmond, Texas dentist about dental bonding vs veneers. What do these two cosmetic […]

What to Expect During Periodontal Therapy

periodontal therapy

According to the CDC, almost half of Americans over 30 suffer from periodontal disease to some degree. And that number goes up as people increase in age. Roughly 70% of those over 65 have periodontal disease, which is more commonly called gum disease. If you have gum disease and decide not to do anything about it, it […]

9 Signs You Need to Visit an Endodontist


One of the best things you can do for your oral health is commit to biannual cleanings. Sometimes, however, you’ll need more than just a regular cleaning from your dentist. Instead, you need special care from an endodontist. Did you know that while all endodontists are dentists, only three percent of dentists are endodontists? Endodontists […]

A Guide to the Benefits of Dental Veneers

dental veneers

A confident smile can make a world of difference, both in personal and professional interactions. Our first impressions are key, and our smiles are a huge part of how we initially come across to other people. However, not everyone is blessed with a perfect set of teeth. Dental imperfections such as discoloration, misalignment, or chipped […]

6 Signs of a Cavity That You Should Never Ignore

By the time people get into their 20s, it’s said that roughly 90% of them have experienced at least one cavity. And even more concerning, almost 30% of adults are walking around with cavities that haven’t been treated. Leaving cavities untreated doesn’t just lead to discomfort or pain. It can also lead to serious health […]

5 Types of General Dentistry Services in Richmond, TX

There are over 14,000 dentists in Texas. Clearly, there’s a demand for their services! But, what general dentist services are available to you? And why should you make an appointment? Read on to learn about the types of general dentistry services available in Richmond, Texas. 1. Dental Cleaning and Preventing Problems Of course, the number […]

How to Choose the Right Sedation Dentist in Richmond, TX

sedation dentist

Statistics show that around 36% of the population suffers from dental anxiety. This is a common fear, and about 12% of people have a more extreme form of dental anxiety. A sedation dentist is a type of dentist who helps with dental anxiety. They are there to give you mild sedation to keep you calm […]

What Causes Oral Cancer & How Often Should You Get Screened

oral cancer screening

Reports show that about 1 in 60 men get oral cancer, while 1 in 140 women get oral cancer. This type of cancer is more prevalent in men, but it is still a risk that everyone should keep in mind. Because of this, oral cancer screening is very important for people to prioritize. As this […]