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There are over 14,000 dentists in Texas. Clearly, there’s a demand for their services!

But, what general dentist services are available to you? And why should you make an appointment?

Read on to learn about the types of general dentistry services available in Richmond, Texas.

1. Dental Cleaning and Preventing Problems

Of course, the number one reason people should go to the dentist regularly is to get regular dental cleanings.

Your dentist will perform an oral cancer screening, which is important for maintaining your health over the long term.

Prevention measures help ensure that you don’t have to struggle through long and painful dental procedures in the future. But, dentists can also catch problems you might have right now. Dentists will do a thorough check for cavities.

Your dentist can also provide you with fluoride treatments, which are a crucial part of dental care. These treatments help prevent cavities, particularly for people who are at a higher risk of cavities.

These treatments also reduce the buildup of plaque on your teeth. Plaque can cause gum disease, which is yet another benefit of dental treatment.

And after your dental cleaning, your dentist can take measures to repair any issues they might have identified while going through your teeth.

2. Children’s Dentistry

Dentists might take a different approach when they’re treating children. Obviously, children have trouble sitting still and may be scared when they’re at the dentist. But, they also tend to have different needs than adults might have.

Dentists might have to use smaller tools for children so that they don’t cause children pain by stretching their mouths out.

Since your kids are still growing, the dentist for them has to take that process into consideration when they’re evaluating their teeth.

Some dentists may also have training in treating children with specific health issues. So, when you’re looking for dentists for your kids, ask specific questions and see what their previous experience is to get the best possible treatment for your children.

And since kids have less experience with the dentist, they’re more likely to get nervous or scared. A good dentist helps make the process easier for your kids and explains what’s happening so that they don’t panic. That way, your children won’t develop a fear of the dentist as they grow into adults, and they’ll continue to get adequate dental treatment.

Children can also develop bad habits that can impact their future dental health. Thumb sucking is one of them, along with relying too much on using a pacifier once your child gets older.

Your dentist can identify if these habits are having an impact on your child’s teeth and help give you strategies to pivot towards different behaviors that are less likely to result in expensive orthodontics treatments like braces as your kid gets older.

3. Orthodontics Referral

For some orthodontic treatment, your dentist might need to refer you to an orthodontist. This is often necessary for children – you might have not-so-fond memories of your own childhood dealing with braces, headgear, and retainers.

But, adults can have issues that require orthodontic intervention too. Adults might want to get their teeth straightened later in life. Or, they could have an accident that requires orthodontic treatment for their teeth.

4. Cosmetic Dentistry

Most people want to look their best, which is where cosmetic dentistry can come in. This type of dentistry service helps to improve the appearance of your teeth.

Dentists can provide whitening treatments to keep the yellow tint off of your teeth. Plus, these are more effective and less messy than at-home treatments. You may even save money over the long term, depending on how much money you spend on self-administered whitening treatments.

Veneers are another great option when it comes to cosmetic dentistry. They can be a huge benefit for crooked teeth, particularly teeth that can’t be corrected with other orthodontic measures. Be warned, however, that veneers can be a lot more painful than whitening treatments.

Dental bonding is another checkmark on the possibilities when it comes to cosmetic dentistry. These are a great way to repair the appearance of teeth with minor chips or discoloration.

5. Dental Treatment

Family dentists can also treat problems that can arise when they’re examining your teeth. Your dentist might discover a cavity (or cavities) in your teeth. While it might be a little bit painful, your dentist can repair the issue with a filling, as long as they have the opportunity to catch it in time.

In some cases, you may need a crown rather than a filling. If your teeth are particularly worn down, there might just not be room for a filing. Or, the damage to your teeth might be too advanced to be repaired with a filing.

And family dentists can also perform root canals. These can be painful, but they’re worth it in the end. If you’re suffering from recurring tooth pain, you might be in need of a root canal.

If you’re looking for dentists in Texas, check online reviews and see how others have struggled with pain or complications after treatments like root canals. That way, you’ll ensure that you have the best possible experience.

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